Bibimbbap is a collective whose five multi-generational members (ranging from their 20's to their 40's) reflect diverse backgrounds in

engineering, literature, dance, music, painting and media art. Drawing upon their varied experiences and thoughts on culture and society

to look into each of their worlds, the members of Bibimbap aim for communication with one another and the extension of their views

through their work.

 The work Mudeungdowonkyeong, 2012 is the product of their communication, the result of a project designed to depict their

multidisciplinary views through the amalgamation of various genres exploring the theme of Mt. Mudeung. Based upon the society’s

relationship with history, humanity’s relationship with nature, and the words of Han Geul, their work combinesa poetic sensibility, artistic

visuals and concepts from engineering and literature.

As they strive to communicate with viewers through paintings as objects to be 'read', 'looked at', 'played with' and 'meditated on', the

discourse on 'rest' presents new possibilities of the 'Hangeul landscape' that are a much needed respite from contemporary society’s

emphasis on speed.
비빔밥의 팀원은 각기 다른 세대의 사람들로서 하는 일의 분야 또한 미디어아트, 공학, 문학, 회화, 무용, 음악 등으로 다르게 구성되어 있다. 문

화적, 사회적 경험과 생각이 다른  사람들이 모여 서로의 세계를 들여다보며 상호간에 소통과 시야의 확장을 지향하고 있다. 2011년 팀 결성 이

후 ‘무등산’을 테마로 삼아 인문학적인 접근을 계속해 왔고, 이를 바탕으로 ‘무등도원경(無等圖園景)’이라는 개념을 설정하여 통섭과 융합의 미

학을 탐구하는 중이다.